Power Q Power HD-100 Antenna Gets Rave Reviews

An innovative little portable tv anntenna: The PowerHD 100 is generating alot of interest - and garnering absolutely rave reviews at Amazon.com. This tiny HD antenna isn't just an interesting option for Laptop computer TV tuners. Folks with 52" wide-screen home theater systems seem to think well of this amplified flip-up antenna box that you can hold in the palm of your hand:
Power Q 100 palm-size amplified indoor HDTV reception
Amplified antennas can often mean the difference between a marginal analog or HD digital signal becoming crystal clear - or simply receiving stations you otherwise couldn't scan for and lock in. The PowerQ POWERHD-100 Indoor Portable Pop-Up Digital HDTV Antenna offers THREE power options for it's amp: USB bus-power from a laptop or desktop computer, AA batteries for on the go, and an AC power adapter for home use. Pretty versatile!

The compact size of this mobile UHF-VHF combo antenna is somewhat surprising - at least for optimal VHF reception where you normally have long rods. But less technical folk should know UHF waves travel in a VERY SHORT oscillating waveform only about 6" wide. So whether it's a indoor LOOP antenna, a BOW-TIE antenna, or a stubby little flip-up antenna like the POWERQ has - they all are *OPTIMIZED* for UHF Channels 13-on-up anyways. At $50 this little box ain't cheap - but those who bought one seem quite impressed. Sometimes big things really do come in small packages.